I’m Jonathan. Welcome to Flowstates Consulting Ltd.

The word dialogue is made from the Greek words dia, meaning across or between and legein, meaning to speak.  In Dialogue, thought, words and meaning flow across and between ever-changing perceptions.

Using Professional Dialogue and Coaching, I support people and communities to reflect, change and flourish. I’ve spent most of my life locating and living my personal values, and I love helping others deepen sense of self, find a truer direction and live a more fulfilling and happier life.
I am available for Coaching & Mentoring (1:1 & teams, face to face, phone or Skype). Dialogue facilitation (groups of up to 25), Professional Excellence in Autism’ training workshops for employers and job coaches, Autism workshops, consultations & advice, speaking engagements and bespoke workshops.

My field of experience is wide and varied, so I bring a lot of this into my work. I’ve worked in socially engaged arts for personal development, I founded and directed an international organic food business, an independent film company, a record label and an artist-educators co-operative. I’ve travelled widely, done many retreats and I’m a parent. Formal qualifications include BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art, PGCert Autism, NVQ3 Business Planning as well as certificates in basic counselling, healthcare training and experience in mentoring, facilitation and mediation.


  • systemic theory and practice
  • cultural and community cohesion
  • creative self-development
  • storytelling & writing
  • the autistic experience & neurodiversity
  • flow, quantum field, non-duality, consciousness,
  • spiritual and transpersonal disciplines
  • yoga and chi gong
  • photography and mark-making

I am a member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue.

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