My passion is seeing other people change, grow and flourish. I’ve spent most of my life in service to finding and living my personal values, and I love helping others deepen sense of self and find a truer direction and more fulfilling and happier life.
Jonny Drury

Throughout my life, I’ve been highly focussed on exploring pure consciousness.  I discovered that the most important aspect of compassionate communicating with others, is what I call a ‘relational flow state’, a natural human practice many of us have forgotten about, due to the constraints of modern life. More here.


  • Coaching & Mentoring (1-to-1 via face to face, phone or Skype). >
  • Dialogue facilitation (groups of up to 25). >
  • Professional Excellence in Autism’ training workshops for employers and job coaches.
  • Autism consultations & advice.
  • Speaking engagements.


  • socially engaged art for personal development (devising and running ERDF funded programmes for refugees and home-schooled children)
  • founded and directed an international organic food business, an independent film company, a record label and an artist-educators co-operative.
  • BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art, PGCert in Autism, NVQ3 Business Planning, qualifications in basic counselling, lots of healthcare training and experience in mentoring, facilitation and mediation.


  • cultural and community cohesion
  • creative self-development
  • storytelling & writing
  • the autistic experience & neurodiversity
  • flow, quantum field, non-duality, consciousness,
  • spiritual and transpersonal disciplines
  • yoga and chi gong
  • photography and mark-making

I am a member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue.

I introduced Professional Dialogue into the field of autism with Dr. Liz Milne in 2017, as an aid to autistic persons’ well-being and a tool for improving autism community cohesion.  I use ‘Bohm Dialogue’, an established method used in a wide variety of fields such as cross-cultural development, change management, criminal justice and organisational cohesion. Autism Dialogue

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