Coaching and mentoring are creative processes to inspire and maximise potential in you, and can be about your life, your work, or a combination of both. Trained coaches and mentors provide deep, selfless listening, gentle questioning, feedback, direction and encouragement. Together, you and your coach agree on, and work towards your goals and aspirations.

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I apply deep empathic listening and draw on years of rich life experience, training in professional dialogue and a range of other classical coaching models. My unique coaching style draws on Dialogic, Gestalt, Existential, Goal-oriented and other similar models that focus ultimately on improvements for your whole well-being.

Together we will safely address your mental, emotional, physical, social and creative needs, with an emphasis on the role of a healthy spirit. We can get to know your situation thoroughly and/or whatever you wish to work on, clarify your goals and options, solve any interference and move you assertively forwards to achieve the results you really want and need.

As well as working very deeply, being accustomed to the fast pace and demands of business, I can also offer a shorter, more solutions focussed series of three or four, hour-long sessions, out of hours if required. Or even shorter pep talks!

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I work with:

  • healthcare professionals & organisations
  • autistic and autism communities
  • therapists, educators, researchers
  • families and support networks
  • school, FE & HE students & staff
  • teams, using dialogic coaching

Would you like free coaching or mentoring?

As part of my training towards EMCC accreditation, I invite you to be coached or mentored for three sessions for which there would be no charge and no obligation to continue, unless you wish to. This will be a flexible arrangement, guided by your needs within your workplace, educational or personal life.

My EMCC Accredited course is coming to an end but you can still get three sessions free by booking six sessions – Email your enquiry before the end of November 2019 January 2020 (now extended!)

With an increasing range of both classical and new coaching and dialogue skills, my intention is to help you tap deeper into your own flow and purpose too.

You might like to address;

  • a current challenge in your role at work
  • wanting to become a better leader
  • a performance or development issue
  • a challenging relationship
  • going through a change
  • workplace ‘reasonable adjustments’
  • neurodiversity and sensory issues
  • improving life-work balance
  • exploring your level of satisfaction at work
  • finding the confidence to explore a new approach
  • aspects of your self and identity

Sessions usually last between 50 and 90 minutes and we would agree this and the quantity together at our contracting stage. It may be that 3 or 4 sessions is enough for you.

  • Face to face*
  • Phone
  • Skype etc.

*Private meeting rooms at Sheffield Hallam University or your preferred location.

There is no commitment required, beyond your own desire to explore and everything is kept completely confidential of course. I’m insured and supervised by SHU / EMCC and abide by GDPR. More details will be sent on request and we will begin with an explorative call or informal meet up to see if, and how, coaching or mentoring could benefit you.

Please get in touch if you’re interested.

Jonny Drury